Hi, my name’s William Patin

I am a Motion Designer and Web Designer/Developer from Munich, Germany.

My interest in media production first started with music production in the early 2000s, which I studied both at institutes, but for the most part autodidactically. Aside from having a growing interest in audio production, I also started to study 3D modeling and animation in Blender, which inevitably led to video editing. After a short excursion at university and dipping a toe in business economics, I quickly jumped off the bandwagon and slid into the TV broadcast and post-production business. First as a freelancer, then as a trainee, and finally as a full-time video producer at IDG, an international print and web publishing media outlet. Throughout my career, I’ve gone through various stages and degrees of post-production levels. I’ve first started in video and DVD production but quickly evolved into becoming an art director/producer, in charge of realizing B2B and B2C projects. As the last station over at IDG, I was assigned the buildup, creative direction, and production of their Google Youtube Original Content channel. Before going freelance, I had started growing an increasing interest in web design and therefore already had spent some years studying HTML, CSS, php, and javascript autodidactically, but never really had an interest in pursuing a career in web development–everybody needs hobbies, right? The newly acquired coding skills were coming in handy when it came down to writing After Effects expressions and automatizing tasks. This is merely why my interest in coding gradually increased over time. After going freelance in 2012, I started working for a wide range of clients, ranging from mom & pops stores, production companies, up to global players in the world of agencies and automotive. As time and video jobs went by, I continued focusing on web design and development and finally acquired the skills to label myself being a serious developer.
Skill Sets
Art & Creative Direction, Audio and Video Post-Production, Web Development
HTML5, CSS3/SASS, PHP, Vanilla Javascript, jQuery
Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer, Logic Pro X
English, German, French, Spanish